The Legal 500 - United States

The Legal 500 United States is the guide to 'the best of the best' national law firms in the United States.The performance of each firm is assessed by reviewing a wide range of criteria. Recommendations from clients provide first-hand feedback on service quality, and interviews with specialist lawyers in each subject area give a clear picture of where each firm's practice is directed.

The Legal 500 US is a practical, comprehensive and up-to-date listing of the leading commercial law firms. It offers analysis of firms' strengths, allowing clients to identify the most suitable practice to instruct. The Legal 500 US is a crucial source of reference for anyone undertaking research on the legal market, and an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to do business with a US law firm.

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Contacts - US


Ian Deering

T: 020 7031 0014


Amy McDermott

T: 020 7396 5648

Content development

Annette Sheppard

T: 020 7396 5603

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